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For additional information from st.ARTE – heART IS ce_land.V_ER_DE *’ 1mproduction #MK

signed/dated Works incl. Artists-Certificate of  Marcel Klein

feel free to contact me viae-mail: 1mproduction{å}

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1mproduction von Bôba Mènde aka Marcel Klein ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung – Nicht-kommerziell – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.


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  1. James says:

    HI. Marcell-..I stopped by a few times but somehow you never never there. it was great to meet you and i hope in the future we can see us again. We all change each other and I was def. inspired meeting you and I am looking at your art and it looks very powerful. I hope you will be well and wish you lots of luck with your daughter and her Mum.
    Please contact me when you want-. Partickal ted on fb…and email art ideas)

    0176 807882497. ( Heidelberg,)

    peace .


  2. James says:

    Hi…James here. Hope you’re well. It was certainly an important meeting we had. Corporeally beneficial. some ideas shared, but unfortunately actually working with people requires give and take. I imagine you thought you were helping but too often you were only caught up in yourself. I also have a family. I also have been split from them. I also have lived some very unfair circumstances. I am also deeply knowledgable about art and philosophy and ancient wisdoms. We could share alot and improve each others art careers, but without mutual respect its not possible. No one wants to go to Mom and Dad with hat in hand and say “help me once more. the world is not ready for me yet”. It robs us already of our shaky dignity. I am connecting with artists right now and will be making a show. If you are interested we can also show your pictures as a part of the show. We may get as many or more than 3000 people coming and I hope some of those will be buying art. please stay in touch and I hope you will forgive me if i was unfair as I forgive you. peace. stay in touch. James.
    festnetz.. 0049 6224 977 9928.

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