Master of Arts ~ VISuAL_COMmUNIcatiON

at the School of Art and Design “Kunsthochschule” in Kassel – Germany :

* “Film & Television” – David Safarian, Paul Harather, Daniel Nocke et al.

*  “New Media” (Media Arts) – Prof. Joel Baumann

* “Virtual Realities” – Prof. Bjørn Melhus (Fine Arts)

I work with all types of MEDia± fromfeathersletterssoundslightsstonesearthandwoodoverinkcolorcameralensescomputerandinstrumentsupto salads and knifes.

Besid eT ools4 skETchingBREathINgfilMINgANDcreARTing I use my heARTmINd&MotIONs to transmit myVIAsions. Lately I expanded the fields of works by cONceptualArt, soCIalEATablesculpTUrES, artINpublic_open_rainbow§SPACEs, LANDlifELOVE&REALfoodARtE…I work on mother eARTh ShIp GAIA as RaIN_BOWrawiOaRtISTe…somewhere 4 good {;o)=…cya Namaste

MORE 2 READ about me @ United Mind (in german)