MuddyART on LEONARDO – THX 4 the SocialArts essence pearthformancestoractinergies I LOVE U ALL (Fotos by Birgit :o)


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2 Responses to IMAG0406

  1. Xenia says:

    The Virus of LOVE – spread it all over the WORLD! 🙂
    We hope you’re doing well, Marcel!!!
    May the sun shine for you!!!
    Love from Jasmin, Astrid and Xenia!

  2. 1mproduction says:

    U too rainbowsistas! The lovevirus is crawling around…how was the gathering in vienna…was it really inside of the city? I just read something about it in the net…but that doesnt mean anything I reckon :o)=… The sun shines at the moment bright and warm, not anymore so much insideworldharm, more karma with the a and gaia as yesterday a dude pacha mama I heard him say :o)=.
    I hope u have a wonderful chilled, loving wintertime whereever you are dreaming, creating and celebrating your moments of ur lifes at the moment. keep the lights shine through…love, hearts and rainbows aho 4 all of u 4 ever!! And anytime welcome now in cadaqués in spain if u want to drop by for say hello, just in case its high time and hay bon tiempo ;O)=…Namaste marcel del bercel

    P.S..: your great artwork from outside is nearly washed away from a couple of rainwashing showers, but inside I was trying to give ur works a little more color during my time alone after rainbow.. so, thank u otravez hermanas del corazon..cya

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